Those Lost

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 14:24 -- Dax

I'll always have these memories

from when times were better

no arguments...

or awkward silence


One by one

with each approaching year

I become abandoned

slowly, as time passes


Do I beg you to stay?

my words no longer matter...

those friendships lost

have nothing left to nurture


Do I miss you?

I miss the laughs

the silly sophisticated jokes

all the love I once felt


my heart screams for you

all of you...

no mater what you've done

I remain true


you hurt me..

all of you

beyond repair

yet I still care


It may be wrong

to keep holding on

do I dare let go?


you're all so much happier

without me around

causing trouble


I want to speak to you

though I know I shouldn't

no need to keep going back


you all wanted me happy

though when I try

I'm turned away



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