Thistle Farms

flowers don't grow among thistles

the ones that do don't survive

they're choked out

by a tale of mice and men


flowers don't grow among thorns

they grow with them

and become them

be a tale of thorns and thistles


we call them weeds

but that's wrong


because when flowers grow with thorns

they are the ones that survive

they choke out

the tales of too-nice men


thistles don't grow among thorns

the ones that do don't survive

their thorns are part of them

so they can choke out the ones who choked them


thorns are for more than choking

we can grind them up

crush them until they seem

like nothing


but they're still thorns

their softness despite that is their strength


love doesn't sow flowers among thorns

that which does won't survive

love heals

by tales of flowers and thorns


one won't grow among the other

that's not the way to survive

love chokes out

that kind of codependency


flowers that grow armed with thorns

grow alone but weeds spread fast

if they're not choked out

by tales of mice and men


love grows among thistles

that's how it survives

armed to the teeth

with tales softened by strength


weeds are just flowers

afraid of the world afraid to survive

but if they aren't choked out

they'll spin tales of faith and healing


thorns can't grow where flowers

bloom in full they won't survive

because flowers have thorns of their own

they don't need too-nice men


love heals.

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