My captions do not tell my story

My “likes” are not my everything

My pictures do not define me




I am smiles

I am laughs

I am songs




I am sweet 

I am kind

I am happy




I love deep 

I lift others

I live well




I stand up when others sit down

I speak for those who are silent

I share with those who have less




I am not afraid to do the impossible

I am not easily broken

I am not pretending to be someone else




I dream to share my musical passion with society

I aspire to become the teacher that positively impacts her students

I hope to make others feel loved and appreciated everyday




I storm through fields of adversity with ambition and application

I quest for hope in times of despair with devotion and doggedness

I relish in the wonders of life with liberty and my loved ones 




My voice tells my story

My family is my everything

My optimism defines me 



This poem is about: 
My family
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WOW!  Impressive! Feelings! Emotions! A vivid picture...in words..of a very special and unique individual...who knows who they are and what they want to accomplish in life.


The words flowed like " Music".

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