Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:24 -- ToneyR


If I could make a woman feel like this

What would this be?

Would this be the feeling of admiration and protection?

Or the feeling of marriage and disappearance?

See, I would love to love you

But the loveless woman that lies in you

Lies to me and tells me things to keep from being heartbroken

You can hand it to me, but keep the hand, the strongest on it as well

I won’t snatch it

I won’t tug on it

Just let me hold it

Let me hold it

Let me be the one to touch it

The one to hold it at night

You’ll hesitate

Afraid that if you celebrate

That last second

Full court shot

Will drop

And all that confetti

And all those trophies

Will no longer be yours

But, it’s like this

You can jump for the skies

To stop and block that shot

Just know

When you go up

I’ll always be under you

It’s like this



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