Thinking Of How I Changed


Thinking back

when I was the little kid

who enjoyed to curse

just wanting to be something

so I could place first

create a raw verse

that would be immersed

fit into the game

so I no longer would be a lame

just shooting for the fame

and shooting for the money

got to get bank

so I'd be worth loving

thought I had to have the power

so I'd be worth something

but I've learned having power

is worth nothing

and everyday was a struggle 

yeah I had my little fumbles

there were times when I just crashed 

and I felt like trash

just getting harassed

while the other kids laughed

I'm sure the loser of my class

but that was the past 

 and I had to advance

pick my head up 

and look at myself through the glass

I knew I had to give myself another chance

I had to keep it moving 

I had to keep it going 

I had to make a change 

and I had to keep growing

had to keep praying 

and look towards a better day






absolutely love your poems, very inspirational !!

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