thinking about you


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i think about you
your eyes are bright like god's heavenly sun
your touch is tender like a kitten's fur
your kiss is sweet like vanilla ice cream
your hands is soft like a woman's mink
your face is beautiful like flowers blossoming in the spring
your smile is priceless like the master card commercial
you are amazing, you are a phenom, you are special
i love you nena, thinking about you

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I love the imagery in this poem-it gives off a feeling of warmth, and it is clear that you care deeply for the person you wrote this about.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks 4 the support
the poem is very genuine-its about my girl


Very sweet poem. "Priceless like the Mastercard commercial". I love that.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sorry for late response

it's very meaningful

every word i use in this poem

check out my other poems-thanks 4 support

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