There is no limitation
To this unsettled confrontation
That we still have between us two
And through this unspoken conversation
I noticed that this form of communication
Has got me understanding more of you
You need to be needed, use, and mistreated
And though you are strong, the follower's line
Yes you lead it
And you'll branch off to new and do the same things you do
And then you'll break another heart with the lies that you feed it
Then you just leave it...
You break it, then gone
Then move on and I'm wrong?
You said I would be the one to leave
Bitch I wrote you a song
And bitten my tongue so hard that there's just blood that I spit
You quit then I chase, I quit and you shit on my heart
As if I like falling apart
Where you are
Its not right, but I think of you through the night
And today, man I pray, that they all see your ways
Watch you ache and then break
Baby I can't wait to see
How you feel when you get like me


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