The Thinker

     There is a difference between me and all of my friends that is very easy to spot. See, all my bros and bras have brothers and sisters, and yet I do not. Being an only child is something that they have always envied and I have grown to love. Yet occasionally it causes me to feel small, unnoticed, and unloved. 
     You see, my friends that have siblings talk to survive. I in my own house am the only voice inside. When I want my parents to listen to me I open my mouth and speak. Yet I feel that in some of my friends' houses they must yell if they want to converse about their week. With multiple kids it's harder to hear and I have seen friends fight for attention like lions fighting for a kill.
     But, right now you might be thinking that this is all a scam! How does the number of siblings I have affect my ability to be who I truly am? Let me explain: When I remain around my friends I end up not fully speaking my mind for very easily I get over talked or interrupted or undermined. I'm not an aggressive talker as most of my friends are. I'm a listener and a thinker not an overly loud sports car. My thoughts are buzzing around my brain like bees, but they are trapped inside because of these wasps. My friends are so loud you can barely hear my thoughts flying around. 
     Now I don't believe my friends do this intentionally. If they knew I was struggling I know they would ask me why I never said anything to let them know. And I guess I would answer, "I didn't want you to know." Sure you may have to learn how to stop and listen for a second, but I have to learn how to open my mouth and speak my mind and when I do, let me tell you, I will be a force to be reckoned with. 'Cause remember all that time I spend silent, thinking? Well all those thoughts will come out spilling like water ready to be soaked up by all who are around. A majestic waterfall of pure ideas, thoughts, and sounds falling down like rain from a storm. Ready to douse your ears: the dry soil. And nothing will spoil that moment. So until it arrives, I will sit and listen, and you will all think I'm shy. But just you wait for that date when I, at last, pull my curtains down and The Thinker finally moves her mouth. 


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