Think Deeper

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 22:03 -- femiret


How do they feel,

With all your hate?

Once they've gone,

You'll find out too late.

How would you feel,

If they messed with you?

Would you fight back, 

Or just know it's not true.

What motivates you,

To go up and try?

Because of your bullying,

One of my friends died.

You think you are cool,

Because you put people down.

To tell you the truth, 

You are the real clown.

Why do you do it,

Every single day?

You make people sad, 

Just to get your way.

Why don't you try this,

Don't push and shove.

God made us together,

So show people your love.

If you forgot everything I said,

Just remeber this.

Don't show emotion with hate,

Show it with a kiss


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