Things You Would Not Dare Say to Your Teacher


     It takes time to learn, to soak in all the things for the money you someday want to earn.  Everyone is different and learns at their own pace, but you teach so fast no one can win the race. We all want to be successful in our lives to come, so take the time to give us some one on one. Break it all down step by step, it's not a crime to go further in depth. Don't get mad just because we have a hard time understanding. Maybe it's not our minds, but your teaching that needs expanding. We are BEGGING for your help, we NEED your knowledge. Without you how do you expect us to get into college?  You're thinking that we're stupid, dumb, and naive. My advice to you is quit giving us impossible to accomplish deeds. SLOW DOWN! We actually need time for us to gain intellegence. The way you're teaching is just negligence! So hear our plead and help us to comprehend! If we don't get into college its really your fault in the end.     


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