Things you might need

The Kronic Writer Presents:  

Things you might need on your castaway vacation:

Let’s get the essentials, you need a fire starting kit, toilet paper (for those who can’t use leaves), perhaps a toothbrush for those clean freaks out there, oh and how can I forget?

Your Sanity.

The most important thing you can bring, a thing that we all need

Something that keeps you from ceasing to think “correctly”

You still want to be you? Oh of course, of course

Everyone wants to be the free-willed, free-spirited little butterfly no matter the place the moment

Careful not to let your wild side out it may scare the neighbors you know

Can’t upset them they’re too nice to us

Sanity. Keep it close to your heart, your mind is a fragile thing, elastic ready to snap out the wraps of skull and skin of blood and kin this thing called sanity

Love it so much has us painting little happy trees and we trapeze upon the tight strings of society all wishing to be castaways

We stand a ways away from our own dendrites because we want to please the people we pre-conceive as our friends

“Though what if they never find us on that lost island? What if they stop searching?”

No! Keep your head about you, you need to think peacefully

Lest we lead our time to reside in-sanity

The man in me and in you wants us to be free, to think freely, to be our castaways on our desert islands living how we please entirely



Insanely we think and think and think

And Think!

Too much thought, too much gone wrong, the waves have sent us far too gone we need to find our way back into the conform of our society, we need our insanity please!

Give us the thing we all need, our insanity is not to be taken lightly, our life we lead is not the one of a preconceived notion and motion makes us sickly and prickly with these pins and needles, like our whole body has fallen asleep!

Our way of life is one of monotony and conformity

But it’s what we are used to

 Our definition of reality, our insanity to be stripped away thrown into a place where we are our own rulers is not a thing we can mentally handle

Give me the old life I had on this desert island please give me the world I swept behind

Give me my insanity back

At least with it, I had certainty

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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