things you cant say to your teacher

Every morning I wake up

I say to myself *wtf*

I hate this basic routine

Wake up go to school and listen to these teacher lecture about some queen

Talk about things I have no idea of

They complain about how we aren’t paying attention

But last time I checked you didn’t ask us for any answers

I don’t pay attention its all for a reason

Your boring im tired I don’t want to listen

How do you expect me to

I wake up at 5:30 every morning to do what I have to do

Some days I don’t even get any sleep

You say excuses and im like MMMokay b please

You expect me to give you my all

When im going through withdraw

Im sorry to say im not superman

I can’t just replenish myself by getting some sun

Also how do you expect me to pass my entire test?

I swear yall all meet up

And put it on the same day

Omg the worst thing

When yall have to meet your dead lines

Yall go crazy insane bananas I say

Why are you yelling Im doing my work?

Last time I check im asking a friend for help

Something that you can’t explain

So I think you’ll understand

But last

I know you’ll never understand you’re just a teacher

You’re far from a friend

You think you’ll just get respect because you’re a teacher

Please you just told me to shut up

You hypocrite your far from a friend

I don’t hate school I hate how it’s set up

I tired I agitated I am dead inside

There use to be a person

Once alive

If I didn’t have to wake up so early

Do all of these non shallots work?

Take this entire test

Listen to you teach instead of lecture

Maybe I wouldn’t be under so much stress and pressure

To be honest I respect you and the help that you are giving

But what you need to understand

This school doesn’t feel like home

It feels like PRISON


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