Things they don't teach you in school


What is school? A mystery.

Why am I learning about History?

Geography? Art?

Building my brain to be so-called "smart."

To be educated, responsible, dependable.

Like a piece of clay i'm mendable. 

They preach and preach about the "real world."

Pumping ideas in my mind where they are swirled.

How about working on my resume?

Instead, we waste time learning about the effects of vitamin K.

They don't teach me how to pay bills, outsource, resource or discourse.

They don't teach about Time management, applications, or deligations,

I can feel the condensation of useless information.

They don't tell us our boss does not care about equations, formulas or pen and paper abrasions.

What our boss will really want is someone who gets the work to quickly taper,

Tell me, when is the last time your dad solved the integral of 2x on paper?

Why don't they teach us to use technology, which is the modern workplace's new philosophy.

Instead they discourage the use of electronics, cell phones, tablets, computers and pagers.

They don't teach the difference between a dead end career path and in-demand majors.

So what is the point of acheiving straight A's, if our knowledge about the "real world" is inefficient at the end of the day?

I suggest that public schools eliminate the waste, and start teaching the stuff we actually need to know with rapid pace.

That way we can finally advance as a human race that learns and masters things from an early age.

Evolution starts with a revolution.



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