The things I do only beacause I love you

When I fist saw you 

You made my world beat

You made me feel free

I hid what I felt for you for so long

Oh so long

So so long it hurt

Only because i loved you 

I cared for you

I needed you

When i couldn't bear it anymore

When I wanted to scream it to the masses

I let you know how i feel

I ambushed you

I kissed you

I played with you

ever so creuly

I sucked at being what I thought you wanted me to be

When you kissed that other girl 

I said fine

date her


Whatever will make you happy

Whaever will make you love me

See other women 

 See it wont hurt 

See other people

I cant care

Oh what I've done for you

All to make you love me

I've loved you for so so long

When I told you I was scared you left me alone

You beat my heart 

You ignored my love

You left me alone

You said you wanted to be "friends"


Where are you now?

What will you do for me because I loved you more then you knew

More then the world

More then anything

Why did you leave

Why did you hurt me so

I feel so




This was not how i pictured our happily ever after

What I wanted what I need was for you to love me

for you to listen 

to be here

To acknowledge me

Our happily ever after should've been 

Us moving down the walkway

The sun in our faces

Our hands intertwined

Our voices loud , boastful and ravaged from 

Happy yelling

Our happily ever after should've been 


It should've been us

It should've been forever.

oh the things I do because i love you


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