The Things I Carry

I carry the restless nights under my eyes.

Tugging at my shields engraved with demise.

And the pressure of the heavy hurt I heave

Is lightened when the hot tears of hope leave

My  father’s frail heart controls the lever

Each beat that falters, the flood I endeavor

As the singeing salty stream falls down my face

It burns like molten lava, the core of my soul’s place

Throughout the day I carry the invisible pain

Put on my armor and shields, remain tame

Each second adds a tick of precious time

Onto the ever dwindling time line

Slowly I become more numb, and I pray

That we can both make it safely through the day

I crave, yearn to see his bright smile smile smile

And hope he will remain to guide me down the isle

I remember when he used to carry me on his broad shoulders

Now I carry him, his heart, his health as boulders

Daddy’s little girl grows up with each moment

But father time treats her father with torment

Does father time have a daughter, and can he see?

What he does to my father, he does to me?

Am I selfish for keeping my father from heaven?

He has been living unhappily ,since I turned eleven--

When my mother didn’t want him, first time I saw him cry

He cried again when I told him I didn’t want him to die

These are the things I carry

The things I never want to bury


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