things i like about you

i like the way you touch me

when you run your fingertips across my back 

down my spine 

i like when you wrap your arms around me 

pulling me closer even when closer isn't possible

i like it when you're goofy

love when you pucker your lips mockingly at me

and laugh when i give you that pointed look

one of my favorite things is when you pull away from me and your eyes are lit up with mischief 

and you tell me of an idea that excites you

i like it when you try to get a reaction from me

you don't know it

but your eyes change 

you do that a lot though

always very observant

i like when you really look at me 

but sometimes it makes me squirmish and insecure

i like it when you can't do something 

and you get a bit embarassed

i love the small things

i love that when you have a basketball in your hands

your confidence is trippled

i love that you've started picking me up

did i mention 

how you look when you reassure me

i don't know if anyone's ever looked at me that way

it's very sweet

the way you sit up straighter 

and your eyebrows furrow slightly 

and your mouth parts in objection 

but you never interrupt

you are a very good listener

you are very good at making me feel like you care

and although i want to be cautious 

i like the small things

i think i might have started to like you too 

you've grown up quite a bit actually

changes only noticable by acute attention

i noticed though


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