When asked the question

"What does she like?'

I can remember pretty well

All the things you loved

The things you hate

More than most can tell


You couldn't wait until 6teen

So your dad could get that car

Two mixed tapes, to love during hate

The best gift of that party by far


You wanted to ve a Foster mother

Sutton to be frank

And to be an actress

With money in the bank


I may not be Slater

but Christian just the same

Have you seen the Heather's musical lately? 

The queen of that cult came


She has a passion for chocolate

The opposite, that is

Audrey will be the name

Of her first female kid


When asked the question

"What is she like?"

I could've told her well

If she was I

I wouldn't be shy

To make a mixtape as well.

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My community
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