To Thine Own Self Be True

We live one life.

That’s all we get.

One chance to decide how we are going to live it.


Does anyone let you determine their life?Does anyone let you make their decisions?

Should anyone be allowed to choose yours?


You may not agree with how others live.

You may not agree with how others feel.

But it’s their choice.Their decision.Their Life.


You DO get to control one person, though.



What you believe in is your choice.

Your values are exactly what they should be.


If you think it is right, it is right.

If you think it is wrong, it is wrong.

The mind has infinite power.


And you control it all.


If you compromise, you will lose power.

If you stand up for yourself, you will grow.

You will build self-confidence.

You will develop self-respect.

You will build integrity.

Your independent self will prosper.


No false witness.

No confusion.

No illusion.

Only truth.


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