They Will Not Apologize


If there's one thing that disgusts me about the world today it'd be the lack of acknowledgment of wrongs

This country is the biggest offender especially when its main goal is based off of legal tender

And see everyone believes that times have changed and things are okay

But I only see the same game every single day

As an individual who is also a minority

I know that the welfare of my culture is not top priority

And this is something the revolution will not televise

The fact that when it comes to the wrongs this country has done

They will not apologize

Let me rephrase that

The I'm sorry goes to the people worth of that right and the ones that are worthy are also known as white

Some say that through this poem I'm angry and offensive

But that's an indicator of one being on the defensive

And the saying is that a hurt dog will holler

So if you were more understanding you wouldn't have even bothered to get offended

So people wonder if the ones with color will ever be reconciled for the hurt that was done

Or will peopl keep using the excuse blame the father and not the son

And people the truth hurts as I speak these real but acidic words

Do you really think we'll get an apology?

If they’re trying to eliminate the board of education 

And the black community can't even get reparations

So do you really think we’ll get on I’m sorry from this nation?

I’ve written a poem that is dangerous to publicize

But I’m gonna say it anyway

Because the truth will not be televised

And they will never apologize


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