They Say

They say I’m hopeless
But I think I’m hopeful

They say I’m empty
But empty got nothing
And I got something

They say I’m choosey
But I think that’s plain cheesy
Blame it on my insecurities
#1 reason why I got maximum security

They say I’m in between
But I think they misspelled teen
Ain’t gon' stop what’s natural
I know I’m beautiful
Life’s a clock
And I rather live my ticks before it tocks

They say I’m a kill joy
But I don’t wanna be
This generations mass production toy
I love Brontè and my coffee
I’ll probably never get a hickey
I write hell of a poetry
They think I’m 30
But I’m just living the finer things slowly.

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Woah you must be on a lot of people's mind for them to think so many things about you. And you in a very awesome creative word play twist tell what you are and what you are not. Cool. Let them think what they want. You'll only be what you are. Kudos for the poetry.

plz pleez do drop by to read and comment under my newest poem too.  Such thoughts interaction via comments feel warm in this cold world, so we can be all be friends.

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