They Made Us Free


United States
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When February rolls around, I think of all of them.
The brave strong men and women, who fought for my freedom.
Not just Martin and Rosa, Little Rock too,
But all those unsung heroes, just like me and you.

When we're little kids in school, we learn about this thing.
The big ol' Civil Rights Movement, and Martin Luther King.
Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and each of the Little Rock Nine.
All of them played a part in letting me stay in line.

I think about the sit-ins, the bus boycotts, I think about the marches,
I wonder if I would have the strength to keep up with the bunches.
When times got tough, could I say, "let freedom ring?"
Or would I be too scared, hiding in my room, sitting, crying.

I think about my grandma, my mom, my aunts and all my uncles,
How all them saw the TVs and heard on and all the radios,
"I have a dream," all of them must have thought, well maybe so do I.
And during those fateful days, the long riots and fights,

We found that it was all worth it.
In the end, we got our rights.


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