They Forget


They call it puppy love,

A simple infatuation,

That falling head over heels,

And loss of concentration

Like they never felt it before,

Like they’ve never felt their hearts beating wild like a drum,

The butterflies,

The sweaty palms,

It’s all been done before.

But they forget that real love.

That love that makes you feel like you’re the sparkle in their eye,

The star to their sky,

The moon to their sun,

Like you’re their everything.

They only remember how many times they’ve been hurt.

How many times they hadn’t trusted that real love.

No it’s just a game that parents say you can never win.

So you don’t even try,

And when that real love says goodbye,

You never realize what you lost,

Until the lone dove flies,

And leaves you behind.

You can’t wait forever and you can’t fight love.

They don’t remember the ones parents said were no good,

Moms said were too hood,

Too misunderstood, but they love you for you.

They understand you and why you do what you do

And they just don’t care that you’re flawed in more ways than one

Because in their eyes, you were perfect.

Maybe if they could only get back to those days

Where a kiss on the cheek, could set your heart ablaze.

Where something as simple as a smile,

Could freeze you in your tracks,

And make your mind race like NASCAR, beat that.

If they would only remember when they had a puppy love,

They wouldn’t be so quick to judge,

The choice that you’ve made out of love.

But they don’t remember and if you do the same, neither will you.

Never forget that one person who made you feel like the universe to a single planet, and don’t plan it, cause that almost true love will never fit.

Just let real love come to you and hold it.



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