They Don't Understand It

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 13:36 -- Jamie A


I don’t think they understand it

This building is not where our lives end or began


When I go home I don’t think about equations and test dates

Yeah- I am more concerned with family and friends


They want us to listen and some will say don’t even talk

But then how will I be heard, see they don’t want our opinions


They want you to sit down and be a machine

No art, no freedom, no rebellion


When you resist and pull away

You are the trouble and the problem


No, the problem is school is not synonymous to life

You can’t make it ever be


These numbers and words and rules

They are all beyond the average students reach


Be relevant and real; teach me something that’s really new

Only then will I be obedient and give respect to you

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