They don't know


They know your hair color and they know your height

They know you don't like fish and that you won't eat squid

They see you read a romantic novel and that it made you smile

They see you eating healthy and saying it makes you stronger

They hear you turned down a guy and that he was super nice


They assume you don't like sushi

They asuume you don't like science fiction 

They assume you have it all figured out 

They assume you are a bitch 

But they don't ask.


They don't know what you would do for your friends

They don't know that you fear the future

They don't know how much is on your mind

They don't know that you like trying new things

or that you love naming the stars

or your favorite color is yellow.


They know what they see and what they hear

But they can't peel back your scalp and reach into your mind

Becasue if they could they would know

That you are constantly changing

And that they don't even know who you were five minuetes ago

They don't know

But you do.


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