They Are


From the moment you're born,

They are there.

When you fall down and cut yourself,

They are there.

When you have your first heartbreak,

They are there.

From your very first moment to their last,

They are there.

Somewhere along the way They begin to form you with their little touches.

They attempt to lead you down the safest path,

But this doesn't always work.

Everytime they try,

   you turn around and run which everway.

Even after learning what to and what not to do

    you still try to slip by.

Yet you underestimate them, for

They know you better than most, sometimes,

     even better then you.

As you grow in age you don't seem to grow in wisdom.

You still try to slip something by them.

You won't learn from your own past.

No matter what they say,

No matter what they do.

In the end of this story

     its just you and your choices.

Because no matter how hard They try,

They, are just parents. 


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