These Invisible Chains


Forever I’ve been contained in this small glass cage,

No longer seeking anything but to survive.

Having to hold in this pain and rage,

And question whether or not I’m alive.

Shall I continue my masquerade?

Shall I continue to hide?

And allow your words to pierce me like blades,

Until my life hangs on the line.

No, I will not fade away.

I won’t stand to live another day under this corrupt system.

I will make my own way.

All I need is for someone to listen.

It’s not too hard to see,

The effect all of this has had on me.

No longer shall your venom poison,

I have finally discovered my own antidote.

I can no longer pretend to not hear your voices,

Pretending to not feel my own emotions.

No longer shall these glass walls hold me,

These fragile things I’ve built as protection.

I shall shatter them and finally be free.

And within the shards you’ll finally see.

All these years I’ve suffered and cried.

And little by little I’ve died inside.

But now I finally can hope to achieve,

All that I was meant to be.

I’ll take off your chains everyday,

And hope that I will find peace someway.

I accept the damage my heart has taken,

And day by day I will now remain unshaken.



I've been in that postion so every word was truth to me. Loved it!

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