There's no Fear in love*

One of the biggest struggles

I have is being able

to open up. 

It used to come natural, 

but after some things happened

I was fearful. 

But the most amazing thing happened. 

The more I spent time 

around the right people

doing good things,

the more their genuine love moved me. 

I'm not afraid to be myself, 

I'm free to think,

be myself,

and see myself as being

fearfully and wonderfully made, 

Many times when I overhtought things

I did not like when people told me

that "it wasn't a big deal,"

but those people were just trying to help

me break out of that self-condemning thoughts.

I appreciate them for that. 

for telling me the truth in love. 

Because they said that, "those thoughts aren't you." 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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