There was a pretty angel,

There was a pretty angel,

once upon a time.

And this is her sad story,

of her heart of mine. 


She gave it to me freely, 

As she gave it to the world.

I protected it so fiercly,

but they couldn't see the pearl. 


The pearl within her heart, 

so beautiful and pure. 

But it faded slowly- surely,

'till myself I couldn't cure.


This world saw her Snow White heart,

and ripped her wings to shreds. 

The angel on this hellish earth,

was stained a bloody red. 


I tried and fought to protect her soul,

but as the angel I know she is,

she ended up rescuing me, 

and what she said was this:


"Blessed world and people,

I gladly give to you,

This oh so little heart of mine,

I've kept so pure for you."


And as her life ebbed away,

a single kiss I drew. 

And thus her innocence broke away,

so did her love of You.


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