there is a spark within each of us


United States
40° 51' 43.8444" N, 73° 53' 9.636" W

each of us have something to offer
it comes from within
where exactly? only one must find it
when you find it, it will feel like one of jay-z's smashing hit

we all have gone through pain
times when it feels noisy like a screaming rain
one must find it within oneself to believe
it takes one to have faith
it takes one to have hope
those thoughts will feel so warmth better than a junkie smoking dope

there are times when faced with rejection
feel so turned off worse than a guy's corny line to a female
whatever you do, don't feel tempted to the life of crime where it will lead to jail
mom is crying wondering why the only time she hears from you is through mail
don't give up!!!!!!!!! stand up and be a star

there are times when people will have their back turn
you get the last laugh, so funny like a comedian talking insulting his ex-girl about getting burn
the respect that you gain will rightfully earn
just keep fighting the war like a marine in pearl harbor
and you will own a shop more authentic than a barber

there is a spark within each of us
just find it within and you will be astonishingly amaze more than the Mets winning a world series

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Overall, the general message of the poem as I read it--to embrace one's inner passions and hold on to them--is always a very inspiring one. What makes this poem to unique, however, are the very, very specific similes you pepper throughout the poem. "Just keep fighting the war like a marine in Pearl Harbor" is my personal favorite. They range all over the place, but yet all share a very concrete reality--Jay-Z's songs, drug-use (an interesting one, as something usually viewed as a negative is being used as a positive), a barber's shop, corny pick-up lines, etc. They really add a diverse life to the poem, as well as a strong sense of an urban environment. Very interesting work. Keep it up!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks 4 the support
humble by it

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