There is no fixing me...

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 15:32 -- LeeLuu

Its true Im shattered

shattered beyond compare

this twisted broken thing inside me

is no heart to be repaired

Im shredded into tiny bits

Even tape wont fix me

Im not that easy to save anymore

Because this lock has no key

My hearts been tortured

its unfixable thanks to them

But I dont even understand why

When we were friends to begin.

Removing pains mask, such a fools errand

Without a clear veiw of the depth of its power, its illusion.

But you will discover soon enough that the darkness never ends,

it destroys all there is that is remotely human.

I dont want to fight it away because its keeps me safe

I hide beneath its walls and never feel that hurt

By the time you dug that far there'd be nothing left to save.

im hiding this heart away in an underground turret

Friend or foe

Foe and friend seem so alike

the answer of who is who the darkness refuses to disclose

not until theyve made their final strike

I really dont see the point in trying anymore

When my sight is so blurry and salty with tears

they wash the mask from my face, im exposed to my core

Everything in my mind comes alive, all my deepest fears.

I cant watch it happen and so ill stand

i lower myself into the shadows, willing and ready

I bury my heart down beneath me in the black sand

Ill stand back up again, but not before Im ready


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