There Is Life After Love

Everything is what I gave you.
All of me is what you had but it wasn't enough.
My  heart, my soul, my time, my last dime.
EVERYTHING was yours, nothing was mine.
I never imagined love the way I thought it was with you.
I loved you more than I loved myself and you took advantage of that.
I was one when you found me, but you left me in pieces.
Shattered like a pebble to the thinnest glass.
You broke me, you hurt me, you nearly destroyed me.
I swore I would never be "that person" to love so hard to the point of no return.
But I was in so deep I couldn't see the light even on the brightest day.
You promised you'd never say you love me then leave.
You swore you would never hurt me.
You spoke the sweetest words of love, lust, and confusion into my life.
I tried to leave.
But you had your way of pulling me back in.
I loved you, but where was the love you spoke of?.
I had to shatter into a million pieces to find myself.
Slowly I reassembled that puzzle of a life,
Piece by piece creating someone better,
Someone stronger.
Someone wiser.
All that I was, all that you had, all that I gave,
No more.
No more heartbreak, no more pain, no more waiting.
It's time for life to begin.


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