A Theme for Me

The sight of letters on a page,

makes me cringe and want to escape.

Even though we are often told,

 that writing comes from the soul.


Perhaps I have no soul?




My soul lusts for something more,

it lusts to fight for what I adore.


That’s what I am -- a fighter.


Opening a book is like a wrestling match,

a constant struggle to keep my eyes attached.

While expressing ideas is the epitome of being free,

reading and writing is just not for me.


Perhaps I have ADD?




My light-bulb brain loves to glow,

sadly, often with nowhere to go.


That’s what I am: a thinker.


Overwhelmed with ideas myself I find,

making me wish I could rewind…

And jot down all my infinite thoughts,

numbers and letters, commas and dots.


Perhaps I am a genius?




But what I’ve come to realize,

is that pen and paper are a real prize.

And even though I’m not a real fan,

it is a big part of who I am.


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