Their Empty Chairs (Old Aged Parents)

The biggest moment of happiness
they had in their life was
when you were born
with new hopes and
enlightened their courtyard
with smiles and immense pleasure
you were the precious gift
of god with divine light
they began to weave amazing dreams
for their new guest from heaven
now their only aim was to see
you growing with a cute smile
on your curious face
they always cared for you
ignore all your mischievous acts
they always dreamed of
seeing you fly high in the blue sky
they treated you as colorful rainbow
whenever you would smile
now when your parents are growing old
what they need
is your company and support
never disrespect their feeling
treat your kindhearted parents
with loving care because
you may realize their value
when you see
their empty chairs and silent beds
with sweet memories
they shared with you

This poem is about: 
My family


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