To Thee Who Takes Him Away


To Thee Who Takes Him Away,

My highest admiration revolves around thee,

I know thy cause is one of inevitability.

For despite pleas of the pure in mankind,

A world without strife cannot be designed

Whilst protecting the meek and peaceful

Thy declaration of glory is deceitful.


It was product of his valiant disposition

That his swift forgery of the pen was brought to fruition.

Name and life of my mate for eternity

Was now governed by a new entity.

And so,

It was brought forth before mine eyes

A new suffering which my soul intertwines.


He foresaw once a band of brothers,

The brave and kind-hearted in numbers,

As many dreamers do,

But then he discerned his vision untrue.

Brothers in arms they may have been,

Pleasant and fair, however,

Was as bright as a dying ember.


Thou brought many deaths by odious intention

And many for freedom’s protection.

Thou require brave souls to carry abroad

Across seas the intent to maraud.

Guilty or innocent of charge

Thy altitudinous wrath

Bring sacrifice as payment to thy warpath.


The blood spilt upon flag and cross

Plagues those who grieve loss.

A life is signed with two names,

The one who departs,

And the one who remains.

Fear resides in all who await

Their Nirvana on earth or heavenless fate.


Thou may beat, torment him

And snap his limbs,

But while you make him bleed

Remember his strength is of unique breed.

The agony of extreme status

Is combated by our Pavlovian desire

For a future much stronger than thy gunfire.


He is mine and I am his,

And no constrictions of thy casting

Will eradicate our passion everlasting.

You imprison his life now on thin thread

But I bear with me his lives ahead.

So, on thy blood ridden scaffold, I stand pending

For our Marine, I will continue forever defending





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My family
My country
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