Of Thee, I Miss

Broken street I’m forced to travel as ice tickles porcelain cheek.
Crystal leaves forbidden trail now, my traitor heart still beats for thee.

For the road parts in two now, hence unknown path I must now take.
Blindly stumbling through the darkness, I own forbidden choice to make.

‘Tis the road that leads to thine warm arms, forever more I search to find,
Forced to relive each memory, venturing through broken bonds of time.

Eyes closed, I hear thy sweet voice whispering words of forbidden love,
Still thy breath nips at my ear, prince, for you haunt me from above.

I must accept thy absence, though thy name still dawns my lips.
‘Gainst my will I breathe without you, for with every breath, of thee, I miss.

Thy spirit stalks in silence, till shadows find me at last,
Visions poison my perception as I’m thrown into the past.

Chains wrap arms around me, pull me close, calm all trembling.
Ropes known as past confound me and control my frail being.

The dreams pass through my vision, though my mind does now protest.
I must not own lingering thought of thee, for with every thought, of thee, I miss!

I cannot live without thee, I cannot move on without you here,
Yet I must continue dreaming, ‘tis when I feel your spirit near.

Memories take over my being, till they distort realities.
I will not forbid them welcome, though in vain I remember thee.

I must choose a road to travel by, I must move on without thy care,
Forced to pick forbidden trail now and to bid fate to be fair.

Thou hast left me brokenhearted, yet the fact I must dismiss,
I will my heart to stop its pounding drums, for with every beat, of thee, I miss.

Yet for even the slightest moment, the visions I do forsake,
And the dream must drift away now, as my mind begins to wake.


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