Thats Why I Write

I’m like a fiend when it comes to pen and paper
That’s why I write
When something happens
Someone dies, a breakup, a fight
Just like a crack head hits that rock
I hit pen to paper
Or my fingers hit the keys
I’m like an addict when I feed
No, better yet, I’m like a fiend
I go for hours and hours
Never stopping
Until I just physically can’t go
Until my fingers and my mind can’t take no more
That’s why I write
The sudden rush that over takes my body
The feeling of being complete
Putting that last period
Dotting that last I
Finishing that sentence
Making the words come alive
That’s why I write
Call me the literary addict
I need to feed
Better yet, call me a literary fiend
That’s why I write


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and continue to write and share your life experience

poem feels like an adrenaline rush to you

use this as a motivation to be greater

great job


Continue to write, you're amazing at it.


I like to write and people seem to be in agreement that I have a talent for it, but (and this might sound arrogant though I don't mean for it to be) I don't usually care for reading a lot of things when I come to websites like this because I just get bored with it quickly. I don't usually find a whole lot that seems to stand out to me or that gets my interest in any way. I'm not saying this out of a need for confession or anything like that, I'm saying it because this is one of the few times that I've come across something that I feel does stand out a little to me (enough that I plan to see what other things you've written when I'm done here). I like the creativity. I like how it flows through. And I think it's very relatable, I can completely identify with the sentiment and I've written things that are similar but not from that angle. I like it!

Ralph Shepherd II (Destrier)


let not the words or the feelings absurd blur lines to pervert inner desire pretending to set ones heart on fire. the feelings that take us break us pretending to make us, and for the worst break us. how often have we been let down by an urge or an inkling that seems like a bright light answering our deepest longings? so does the pen and paper call you and all who would beckon to listen and follow it into the pit. to be an addict or a fiend is to be put on display without consent to ones desires. can we overcome this? not in ourselves or our crutches like writing or any other methodology. that being said, you have been given a gift, and i thoroughly enjoyed reading your rhythmic rhyme. embrace the giftor.


Beautifully written and well said. That is some really good talent right there. May God bless your talented hands and mind. In Jesus name. Amen. Keep writing on my friend :)

Sonja Hand

Love it, paced face yet ready to read. You made me laugh as I read.

That is a treat.. thank you.


Ashley D

This poem tells a lot about me


Straight, short and to the point. Good job

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