But That's Enough About Me


Would a filter be typing?

Would a filter mean no erasing?

Does that mean I can't correct my grammar?


I'm going to give you the realest me there is, no bullsh*t.


Well, to begin, my appearance.

I have split ends, 

bad skin,

a bump on my right hand middle finger, just below my nail bed,

(from writing too much)

and cellulite on my a**.


Honestly, I care about these things,

I told you no bullsh*t. 

I'm going to tell you everything,

I'm going to throw away all my masks (of many I own). 


Although I know that no one else really cares about the cellulite on my a**,


I lost my train of thought. 

Another real thing about me. 


I love Elvis, 7-11 Sprinklicious doughnuts, my bestfriend MB, the way the warm sun hits your cold skin during winter,


But that's enought about me. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 


ring keeper

For #NoFilter Scholarship Slam

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