Dear Mom & Dad,

I really admire both of you. 

The love you have for me is true. 

you crossed the boarder at just eighteen.

I grew up hearing stories of all the things youve seen.

Dad you told me how your family was homeless 

you felt so hopeless.  

Money was very tight

Your family didnt even have any light.

You dropped out of school during 4th grade

you wish you could of stayed. 

Mom I know you had a very hard childhood 

thats why you tried to make ours the best you could. 

you grew up not having a mother 

it was only your dad and brother. 

You risked your lives for your children 

everytime you came home tired you kept it hidden. 

Im upset at this country because it closes doors in your face 

just because of your race. 

Dad you are the most hardworking man I know 

and it hurts to see that you are sometimes let go. 

Mom I know you live in constant fear 

that you and dad will get deported and we wont be here. 

Its rare when we talk about what could happen

but I havent forgotten. 

I love you mom and dad 

I know sometimes we get mad.

But I wouldnt trade you guys for anything 

I just wanted to say thankyou for everything.







This poem is about: 
My family


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