thanks to you

you act like I'm nothing.

I'm not worth shit.

I've given my life to help you get your life straight 

but no matter what i say or do, im nothing to you

i want to be out of this shit

im not worthless but no matter what, i am to you.

i've given my life to you.

i have no friends, no time, no chance to be myself and for what?

just so you can take everything i have left

these kids aren't even mine

they're yours.

i'm not your babysitter

i'm your sister!

i shouldnt be the one giving all my free time and life to them.

i should be out enjoying the time i have on earth.

but no. i'm busy taking care of your life and giving my health to help you

i might as well get myself knocked up because my life is already over, thanks to you


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