thanks for all you've done, mom.

fourteen years of age, turn the page, rearrange

your life, your meanings, forget your name

the next eight years of your life will change

things will no longer be the same, oh how they've change

alone, afraid, never to be seen

the things I hide inside, disguise, always so damn keen

picking up the things you hide, 

disgraced us all, where's your pride?

for years i thought it was me - for years i never thought it was you

everything you always said was a lie, but i always thought were true

suffocation, intoxication, filling my lungs with the medication

meditation, resucitation, now i'm coming back to life with a reputation

the things i wish i never knew, the hurt that you could put me through

a defence in my mind, and wall around my soul

blinding and sidetracking me of my goal

can't visualize anything, a blank slate my mind is now

no visual memory, no faces to recall

doctors couldn't understand how

did it happen in a fall?

NO. it happened in you, it dragged into me

dissociating from the reality of what used to be

im broken, incapable of love, incapable of trust

incapable of normalicies that never happened to us

for all these years i thought it was me, 

incapable of being anything i wanted to be

your the liar, your the cheater, 

and i lie and stole for you

faking every moment that i've been through, dissaproved

my eyes see clear of the life you revere

cannot include me anymore my dear

i'm growing and changing

done pretending to be

something that you wish to hide

but now we can see.


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