Sat, 11/23/2019 - 16:22 -- Fangstu

It used to be 

just you and me.

There was no other way 

that we could see, 

til you dropped a bomb

You went on you're way. 

It was hard to hear when I heard you say

you dont want to be with me


Maybe it was the money, 

i think thats it

Starved for a Gucci, 

you called it quits

I give it to you though, for setting your goal

Fucking your way to the top,

selling your soul


I lay here in bed hashing out in my head 

how it is that I've got everything I've got instead

Its seems surreal sometimes

It must have been fate how

when I fell to my knees i was helped back up by my soulmate. 

She gave me meaning

She put my life straight 


Its been a while since you've gone 

But c'mon, 

I was over it before it was done

Ain't it something how

when you find true happiness, 

you compare where you are now

to everything in the past


In the beginning I spited you

Fueled by rage and hurt love i despised you

But something happened then 

It boiled deep from within 

and when it finally spilled out 

Is when the darkness came to an end. 


So heres to you for

giving me the fuel to burn 

this pit of desire that churns 

to make every day better 

than what we had together

It was a hard lesson to learn 

But for me a lesson learned


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