Thank you teachers

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 02:19 -- amrojo


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Thank you teachers for showing me the way

Thank you for guiding me down the path to success

Thank you teachers for showing me how to express myself

Thank you for guiding me down the aisle

But as graduation approaches one can't help but wonder


Teachers, do you know?

Do you know the kind of stress I am under?

Every day I can't breath 

The walls cave in as I stare at the new project

due, naturally, in two days

I know every class is important

I respect everything you do

but there are some things that a student

can't just say to you


How hypocritical.

You teach the same lesson to all your classes

and I'm taking eight different courses

with different schedules

and different works

So when you complain about how much you have to do

I laugh

because that, as they say, ain't nothin.


Don't tell me

'Come to me with your problems'

and then turn your back

Don't leave me

With vague instructions

for an important task

Don't tell me

'I care,'

you don't.

Don't leave me

Lost in a class, hopeless,

waiting for it to end.


Don't lecture us about


being kind to others

understanding your peers

When you take one look at me and say

you're failing

you need to be better

you have no excuse

Can't my excuse be that I'm inexperienced




Thank you teachers

For showing me who to be

Thank you to those teachers who actually cared

thank you for enriching my education

and highschool experience

And, in a way, thank you teachers

that didn't care

or were hypocrites

or laughed at me behind my back

Because you taught me that

Just because you respect someone

does not make them right.

does not mean they know.

and that, in the long run,

You will move on

and forget them altogether.


Thank you to all my teachers.

It's been a real rollercoaster

of failures and accomplishments

But I am 

who I am

Because of you.

But I can't just let this go, so here

is the shit that students

have always wanted to say to you.


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