Thank You



 The one I laugh at all of the time just because you’re you.


The man I act a lot alike.

We go to the mall to get nails done and watch a movie

You taught me how to ride a bike and drive a car

When I’m sad you find a way to make me laugh

When I’m stressed you help me to think logically

You tell me that you love me

You don’t have to say a word but I still feel connected

You’ve both been in my life since I was born and have taught me so many things

We hang out together like we are best friends

People are surprised at how much stuff I tell you

But I feel I don’t tell you enough that I love you and appreciate you

So now I will….

I love you for loving me unconditionally, making sacrifices for me, and teaching me

I appreciate you for making me the person I am today

It makes me happy to know you both are proud of what I have and will achieve

When I think about what makes me happy and what I like to do

I realized that majority of the things I like to do are the things I do with you

I go to the movie theater on campus to waste time

If I had a bike I would ride it because its something I cherished as a child

I love to swim, I love Christmas, and I love theme parks

Mom. Dad.  I love you and thank you for the happy memories that I will always remember


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