Thank You


880 County Road 388
County Road Alabama
United States
41° 44' 58.812" N, 71° 19' 10.0524" W

Dear Mrs. Buquoi,

You don't know how grateful I am

For what you have done for me.

You helped me speak.

You helped me see.

You helped me fight.

You helped me fly.

You're an angel sent by God.

Sadly, I've never got the chance 

To say Thank You.

I've tried to write you a letter,

But the Great Flood swept us apart.

So, I've decided to write this poem

To say Thank You.

I'll keep on moving forward.

I'll keep on writing.

I'll keep on fighting.

As a gift to say

Thank You.


Gabrielle Quebedeaux

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My community
Our world
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