Thank You

Dear Body Mind and Soul,


First off, let me thank you for all that you do,

despite all that I don't.

Thank you for continuing to pump blood through my veins,

even when I don't want you to anymore.

Thank you for allowing me to feel the sun on my skin,

and the sea over my toes.


Thank you for the eyes you allow to work perfectly,

so I can see the world and what it offers.

Thank you for the ears you permit me to listen through,

so I can hear the music that has set my soul on fire.

Thank you for sense of touch and all that it entails,

so I can feel the touch of my loved ones and let it rock me to sleep.


You have enabled me to discover what raging love feels like,

when I didn’t believe there was any such thing.

You have enabled me to feel what murderous pain of the heart feels like,

without allowing it to break me.

You have given me the strength of the god Kratos,

while remaining mortal and vulnerable.


But all that you do for me,

I don't return.

I do not feed you with nutritious foods or life sustaining exercise,

but with emptiness and an inordinate amount of useless sleep.

I do not love you,

like you love me.


Valiantly, however,

I will begin to show you the appreciation you deserve.

Despite how strenuous and excruciating of a task it will be,

I will finally make the effort.

To love you bravely, courageously,

and without hesitation.


Thank you,

my better half.

For all that you do for me,

and all that you will.

I will begin to love you,

like you love me.






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