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Texting is fun; whether you use swipe or the android keyboard,
Texting is fun; when it’s someone you like or when you’re feeling bored,
Texting is crucial; when you text someone who is hurting,
Texting is beautiful; when you and that special someone start flirting,
Texting is funny; when your mom uses “lol” thinking she’s all cool-about-it and all that
Texting is tragic; when that special someone takes longer than a minute to reply back,
Texting is weird; when you make someone feel awkward,
Texting is weird; when spell check changes that one word,
Texting is nervous; when it’s someone gorgeous and you wonder “does she like me?”
Texting puts me out of place, when I press backspace instead of putting my real feelings and pressing the “send” key,
Texting is a useful tool, to use in school, or get on the latest drama,
Texting is kind of lame, when that person texts the same way: always, using, unnecessary, commas,
Texting is amazing, when you’re texting that special someone and you start off with a smiley and a “hi”
Texting is dead, when you say the wrong things and seeing that person makes every moment feel like a “good bye”


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