texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,texas,love, pull you close buy you a drank look you in the eyes wipe your eyebrows stare you in your face tenderly stroke your so beautiful an unique face texas,love, feel you tenderly all over lean close to your ear whisper words in your ear how you doing sexy the name texas,don,g,nutt59 nice seeing you on the floor in v.i.p i couldnt help but stare you up an down so much allover, texas,love,baby you look so nice i had to come over an introduce to you your beauty intrigued me,texas,love, i hope you wouldnt mine me being the gentlemen to pull up on short stop holla your way offer you a drank maybe even wine then dine your place are mine from the clubb to the cribb how i live texas,love,poem.texas love,8-10-2019

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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