texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,fuck with,me,

texas.don,g,nutt,59,poem,fuck with me cause all eyes faceing me fuck with me cause i asked fuck with me cause i care fuck with me right here right fucking now fuck with me from sun down to sun up fuck with me in the telley room fuck with me in the jacuzzi tube fuck with me cause aint no scrubb fuck with me cause i take your hand in mine fuck with me tommorow fuck with me caus im all about the benji,s baby fuck with me cause i dont loose others do fuck with me cause  i dial you up 7779311 hello baby its me texas,don,g,nutt,59 fuck with me with me cause i pull you over in the fast life the fast lead im switching lanes money made playa so paid deffinitional played fuck with me summer, winter, spring,an,autum to fall this one bigg balla ball fuck with me cause love knows you do an me to,poem fuck with me,8-10-2019

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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