Tests Can't Determine Me.


The classroom is stuffy. It is boring and dull.

I want to have fun learning it all.

I want the students to talk about the books we read,

And the books should be updated; not depressing with deeds.


We should visit some places that help us along,

Listen to music and follow the songs.

I want to tell the teacher all about my thoughts,

And not be sent to the office on the chance I mouth off.


Not all of us are great at testing the words or dates,

Maybe teachers should learn that not all our minds are crates.

Students are not all the same and we all learn at different speeds,

I do not want to be a statistic just because I cannot get in the lead.


I want to read and I want to write, I know the meaning in my mind,

But why should I get despised because I cannot analyze?

Yes, I see the tones and crazy things that go

Why can I not write it out? Follow the line and show.


No one is the same, and you treat us like we are.

We don’t get the reason, the idea, that our tests set the bar.

Some of us suck with the a, b, c, d, and e- while others just have that pedigree.

So when you look at me next and say the same stuff, remember that I am me.


Isn’t that enough?


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