Testing! Testing!


Maryville, TN
936 Saint Johns Drive
United States
35° 43' 56.7696" N, 84° 0' 26.4204" W

Testing! Testing!
Screaming through my head,
quivering hand,pencil of lead.
many questions left unsaid,
motor boat of a heart,
filling with dread.
Testing! Testing!
Tests begin, light bulbs go up.
thinking it though, can't give up!
Leaning down lower,
heart slowing, getting slower.
realization, inspiration,
just a pinch of concentration.
Testing! Testing!
Done and over!
free at last, running fast
homeward bound,
lighting up, the world around.
Mom and Pops!
Testing Rocks!
This score will knock your socks!
I didn't give up, I made it through!
It's all thanks to you.

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